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  3. Space Exploration: Innovations in space propulsion, interplanetary travel, and propulsion challenges in long-duration missions.
  4. Green Propulsion: Sustainable and eco-friendly propulsion technologies, biofuels, and reducing environmental impact.
  5. Advanced Materials: Research on materials for propulsion systems, thermal management, and structural integrity.
  6. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): Modeling and simulation techniques to optimize propulsion performance.
  7. Propulsion Control Systems: Developments in autonomous and intelligent control of propulsion systems.

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Vol. 45 No. 02 (2024)

Published: 2024-04-12

Effect of Different Electrode Materials on the Performance of EDM: A Review

Pragati.A.Jagadale 1, Shailesh. S. Shirguppikar , Sharad D. Patil , Dua Tran Van , Phan Nguyen Huu , Trinh Pham Van , Ly Nguyen Trong , Tai Bui Tien (Author)

6 - 16

Unfolding Health Literacy among Adolescents: A Systematic Review in the Usage of Digital Information

Fei Wang*, Suhartini Ismail* ,Ma. Theresa Salinda*, Cliff Richard T. Mabasa*, Wilfredo D. Quijencio Jr*, Orlane Marybhel D. Dimaunahan*, Daryl Jake S. Fornolles*, Reggie Mae D. Jasmin * (Author)

30 - 51

Smart E-Ticketing System

Abijith A. S., Abdul Malik M., Sanjay Krishna G., Bharath M., I.Vivek Anand (Author)

52 - 57

A Review on in-vitro Techniques for Increase the Production of Secondary Metabolites in Plants

Bidyutparna Bhattacharya Kundu, Sonjit Das, ⁠ ⁠Richa Dayaramani, ⁠Shaileyee Das, ⁠Debasmita Paul, ⁠Biplab Debnath (Author)

109 - 129

Performace Analysis of Germanium Source Double Gate TFET Based Biosensor

R.Immaculate Jeffe, S.V. Iswarya , D. Jenifer , A. Selva Archana, M.Sathish Kumar (Author)

130 - 134

Burnout among Secondary School Teachers in Aizawl City in Relation to their Gender and Age

Lalbiakdiki, Donna Lalnunfeli, Vanlalhluzuala Sailo, H. Lalengmawii (Author)

135 - 142

Next-Generation Tool Condition Monitoring: Leveraging AI and IoT in Milling Applications.

Sunil M. Pondkule, Sachin M. Bhosle, Pranesh B. Bamankar, Vikas S. Dhane (Author)

164 - 191

Campus Payment And Management System -Web App with Alert System

K.Harshini, R.Subaharini, S.Cathrin Mercila, A.Apsara (Author)

191 - 200

MoodScope: Navigating Emotions through Convolutional Neural Networks

Vansh Sharma , Srishti Sharma , Waseem Qureshi , Nadeem Anwar (Author)

201 - 214

Smart Helmet Technology: Integrating IoT for Enhanced User Safety

T.Durkka Parameswari, S.Padmashankari, M.Vaishnavi, S.Sindhana (Author)

215 - 222

Current Trends and Challenges in Medical Device Regulation

Arnab Majumder, Sathi Debbarma, Pragya Datta, Bithika Paul, Subrata Debnath (Author)

277 - 289

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