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Vol. 45 No. 01 (2024)

Published: 2024-01-04

Advancements in Speech Processing Technology: A Comprehensive Bibliometric Analysis

Deepak Hajoary Raju Narzary, Rinku Basumatary (Author)


Integrating Disaster Data Clustering with Neural Networks for Comprehensive Analysis

Pradeep Kumar N S, B C Divakara, Keerthy N, Girish H, Suhas S K, K Revathi (Author)


Precision Farm Monitoring using Internet of Things

Vandana B, S Sathish Kumar (Author)


Professional Development of Teacher Educators in the Kamrup District of Assam

Manashi Haloi, Brinda Bazeley Kharbirymbai (Author)


Building Brand Advocacy through Influencer Marketing: Successes, Challenges and Best Practices

Shwetha.S, Niranchana shri Viswanathan, Bibi Hajira (Author)


Fermenter Design for (Batch and Continuous Operation) Production of Ethanol from Corn

Santosh Sable, S. A. Misal, R. L. Nibe, R. V. Hinge, N.B. Chavan, S. B. Divate (Author)


The Effect of Welding Parameters in Micro Plasma arc Welding of Stainless Steel 304 Thin Sheets

ShikandarPrasad, Birendra Kumar, RamPritBaitha, SurendraSingh, RajeeveRanjan, KasifAnsari (Author)


Factfinder Rnn-Lstm Based Fake News Detection System Data In Cloud

O Pandithurai, Rahul B ,Revathie S, Pavithraa E S (Author)


On the Edge Version of Zagreb Coindex

D. G. Prakasha, ManjunathaGali (Author)


The Study of Risk Factors for Road Accidents on Indian Highways NH152

Vikas Kulheriya, Sumesh Jain, Sunil Thakur, Umesh Jhakal, Devander Kumar (Author)


Routing Protocols Employed in Wireless Sensor Networks-A Survey

Kruthik Chand D C , Manjunatha Reddy H S (Author)


Prognosis of Sugarcane Yield in Coimbatore District

S R Krishna Priya, N Kausalya (Author)


Unraveling the Interplay Between Artificial Intelligence and the Sustainability of Closed-Loop Supply Chains

Prabhu MK1, Sivaraman P, KeerthivasanT, Anandhan U M, M Sivashankar (Author)


Methods of Normalization Conflicting Norms of Vowel Sounds and their Normalization in Azerbaijani

Ganira Mammadzada Shahin, Nasibova Gulnara Samaddin, Kazimova Sevda Agil, KamalaIsaeva Ramiz (Author)


Direct Spreading Machine

Aydin Yunis, Rana Uzeyir, Leyla Aydin, Vahid, Aysel Sarvar (Author)


Digitalization Perspectives of the Azerbaijan Economy

Aslanova Turan Tofiq, Fatahova Nargiz Rafael, Fatahov İzmir (Author)


Cross-Sectional Engineering for Lombagin River Flood Management, Bolaang Mongondow Regency

Jeffry S. F. Sumarauw, Tiny Mananoma, Sisca V. Pandey (Author)




Palliation of Current Harmonics by Employing Optimised FO (PI+PD) Cascade Controller Regulated SAPF with the Exertion of Taguchi SNR Method.

Rafeque Ahmad ,Ibraheem ,Yogendra Arya ,Md Safdar Ali ,.Abrar Ahmad , Zafeer Uddin (Author)

431 - 450

A Fuzzy Graph Theory Approach to Symmetric Key Cryptography

C. Ruby Sharmila, S. Meenakshi (Author)

467 - 477

Intestinal Ascariasis Presenting as Profuse Vomiting of Adult Worm of Ascaris lumbricoides in Two-Year-Old Girl in Ende-East Nusa Tenggara: A Neglected Tropical Disease in Rural Area

Natashya Phillipa Nanda Ngasu, Carolina Age, I. Gede Raka Adhyatma, Nurmasithah, Danny Jaya Yacobus, Ardanta Dat Topik Tarigan, Irene Ratridewi (Author)

501 - 507

Social Welfare Supply Chain Modelling weaving with Blockchain technology

Satyavolu Rama Vijaya Kumar, K. Venkata Subbaiah, S.Udaya Bhaskar (Author)

508 - 521

An Anti-Diabetic Activity of Nanosheets as a Wound Healer Derived from Basil Seed via Greener Route

Vanitha Arumugam,. Rekha Pachaiappan, Gracelin Juliana S. Padmavathi Rajangam, V. Kanchana, Vennila Raj (Author)

522 - 532

Hate Speech Classification Using Rfdt, Bilstm, and Bilstm

P.Dhineshkumar, A.Nithya (Author)

547 - 552

Sustainable Reverse Logistics Practices And Performance Evaluation of Indian Textile Retailers with Grey Topsis Method

Santhosh S., Raghul K. S., Sibi Bharathy S., Sivasakthi Prakash S., Sriram M. Vigneshwaran K. (Author)

569 - 578

Advancements in the Imaging Techniques for Detection of Skeletal Pathologies: A Comprehensive Review

Bhavika Moza, Debhjit Mukherjee, Mansi Singh, Vaishali Pahwa, Poorvi Ujjainia, Shantanu Pathak, Annesha Saha, Anshika Srivastava (Author)

645 - 663

A Case of Pediatric Massive Recurrent Tuberculous Pleural Effusion in Ende: Challenges of Diagnosis and Management in Limited Resource Settings

Danny Jaya Yacobus, Ardanta Dat Topik Tarigan, Brenda Cristie Edina, Natashya Phillipa Nanda Ngasu,Komang Alit Artha Wiguna, Mei Ika Margareth Christin, Irene Ratridewi (Author)

664 - 671

Energy Storage Systems for Electric Vehicles – Indian outlook

Varun Malik , Devendra Vashist (Author)

706 - 730

Analysis of Black Spots & Causes of Accidents on NH-205

Vikas Kulheriya, Sumesh Jain, Sunil Thaku, Umesh Jhakal (Author)

743 - 758

Sole Candidate for Regional Head Election in Indonesia

Roso Prajoko, Ari Pradhanawati, Fitriyah, Nur Hidayat Sardini (Author)

759 - 768

Design of Water Treatment Plant & Multi-Village Drinking Water Supply System Habitations in Yadgiri District

Katti Penchalaiah , Mangali Maddilety , Maddikera Lokanath Reddy (Author)

769 - 785

An Extensive Analysis of the Contribution of Laplace Transform in Science and Technology

D P Singh , Rashmi Mishra , Vineet Kumar Sudesh Kumar Garg (Author)

821 - 831

Change Analysis of Atoll Ecosystem and Evaluation of Land Use / Cover in the Selected Island of Lakshadweep Using Geoinformatics

Niranjana B., Shantanou Madhav, Niranjani T.B., Chandana T.R., Sumith Satheendran S. (Author)

863 - 870

Emerging Trends in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) Across Industries: A Comprehensive Review and Research Agenda

Daneshwar Teta, Animesh Agrawal, Swatantra Kumar Jaiswal Suraj Kumar Mukti (Author)

890 - 900

Roadblocks for Efficient E-Waste Management in Asian Countries: A Fuzzy TOPSIS Approach

Swatantra Kumar Jaiswal, Vimal Kumar Deshmukh, Animesh Agrawal, Suraj Kumar Mukti (Author)

901 - 910

Guardians of IoT: Malware Analysis of IoT Devices Using Machine Learning

Deepshika Vijayanand, Rabindra Kumar Singh (Author)

911 - 924

Gender Equality as a Sustainable Development Goal and its Implementation in Kazakhstan

Dana M. Kangalakova, Zaira T. Satpayeva, Zaure K. Chulanova (Author)

929 - 934

Study of Psychological Empowerment and Project Success in Agile Projects

Saurabh Vilas Kane , Prasad Jeevan Pathak (Author)

935 - 941

Effect of Low Molecular Weight Pectin and Metformin on the Antitumour Effect of Chemopreventive Agents in Rats with Walker's Carcinosarcoma

Alimzhonov Nodirbek Yulchibekovich, Chakeev Iskander Sharsheevich, Sultanova Fatima Ermekovna, Kutbaeva Alina Mamasydykovna, Almazbek Kyzy Myrzagul, Bakytbek Kyzy Saltanat (Author)

974 - 980

The Emergence of Evolutionary Algorithms and its Applications to Regression Problems: A Stock Trend Analysis Case Study

Harmaninder Jit Singh, Amanpreet Singh, Durdana Taranum Khan, Nithinsha Shajahan (Author)

995 - 1004

Study of Time and Value Stream Mapping for Wiring Harness Production

Santhosh S., Adarsh Ajayan, Krithikkumar M., Lingaraj M., Manojprabakaran P, Mohamed Ashiq A., Jamal Musthafa (Author)

1005 - 1012

QoS Analysis for Public Transportation using IoV

Dewanto Rosian Adhy, Mohd Fairuz Iskandar Othman, Yahaya Abd Rahim (Author)


Railway Track Fault Detection and Localization using IoT

Veera Boopathy E., Shanmuga Vadivu N., Shanmugasundaram M., Siva P. (Author)

1064 - 1072

Human Resource Management Direction in the Year 2024

Prakong Sukhonthachit, Peradech Anantanatarat, Wichian Chanthanet, Thicha Phongpaiboon (Author)

1082 - 1089

Various Avenues For The Generalisation Of The Contraction Principle

Piyush Kumar Tripahti, Manisha Gupta, Ranjini S. Nair (Author)

1090 - 1092

Mapping the Scholarly Landscape of Financial Literacy: A Bibliometric Study

Abidah Saad, Muhammad Ridzuan Abdul Aziz, Suraya Ika Tamrin, Nusrah Samat, Nik Mohd Hazrul Nik Hashim (Author)

1093 - 1115

Insights into Islamic Financial Literacy: Antecedents and Outcomes Explored through a Systematic Literature Review

Muhammad Ridzuan Abdul Aziz, Abidah Saad, Suraya Ika Tamrin, Nusrah Samat Nik Mohd Hazrul Nik Hashim (Author)

1116 - 1121

Investigation on Challenges and Modern Implications for Android Malware Detection Using Machine Learning

Pokkuluri Kiran Sree, Gowtham A., Fathima H., T Yogameera, D.Shanthi, R.Revathi (Author)

1122 - 1132

Water Quality Index Forecasting Using Machine Learning

Arun Kumar T. D. , B. E. Yogendra, Prashanth J , Prema N.S. (Author)

1138 - 1149

Modeling Optimal Energy Consumption in Smart Grid Households: Integrating Advanced Strategies with Energy Storage

Ward Ul Hijaz Paul, Anwar Shahzad Siddiqui, Sheeraz Kirmani (Author)

1169 - 1180

A Review of Industry 4.0 And 6.0 In Manufacturing Industries

Anuradha Chandrashekaran (Author)

1211 - 1221

DeepSecIoT: An Advanced Deep Learning-Based Algorithm for Enhancing Security in Wireless IoT Devices

Nadia Ansar, Suraiya Parveen, Ihtiram Raza Khan, Bhavya Alankar (Author)

1240 - 1254

Design and Implementation of an Efficient Collision Resistant Novel Hash Function for IOT

Chaithanya S, Siddesh G K, L Rangaiah, Sunitha R (Author)

1276 - 1293

Behaviour of SCC designed using Sugarcane Baggase Ash and Marble Powder under Cyclic loading

Pragya Tiwari, Parikshit Joshi, Chaitanya Mishra (Author)

1322 - 1339

Ayurvedic Management of Avabahuka (Frozen Shoulder): A Case Study

Vedanti S. Pandya, Vijay Bhagat, Maitrey Pandya, Miral Damani, Arti P.Kharadi (Author)

1340 - 1347

The Role of Economics Education and Financial Counselling in Reducing Poverty in Nigeria

gotip, Nehemiah Wokji, Bahago, Samaila Benedict, Caroline Aduke Tolorunleke, Uchenna Eucharia Enem, Marcellinus Sa’aondo, Bulus, Haruna (Author)

1361 - 1370

Social Media and Technology's Effect on Children

R. Rahul, Rahul Sharma, Paras Manhas, Khushabu Agrawal (Author)

1371 - 1378


Retracted (Author)

1393 -1412

Mental Wellbeing of Physically Healthy Adult Beggars in Addis Ababa

Abduselam Kemal Hussen, Belay Tefera Kibret (Author)

1454 - 1463

Perceptions of Professional Expectations of Patients and Pharmacists in Pharmaceutical Services in Pharmacy

Ismail H, Athijah U, Rahem A, Hidayat W, Retnowati E, Purnama S (Author)

1480 - 1487

Geomorphological Study of Vrishabhavathi River Basin, Karnataka, India

Shivanna S., Vyshnavi D. R., Sriram Mustapure (Author)

1488 - 1495

Detecting Cyber Threats Utilizing Machine Learning Approaches: An Assessment of Performance Perspective

Bipin Kumar Singh, Manish Kumar, Tushar Rexwal, Anupriya Jain (Author)

1521 - 1531

Housing Development for Low-income Earners Inequality and Public Private Partnership Act in Thailand

Muhammudrozo Mahileh, Krisda Pisonyabuth, Lerdlekha Sriratana, Waranon Kongsong, Chaleephorn Thammapornram, Kundoldibya Panitchpakdi (Author)

1532 - 1543


Retracted (Author)

1554 - 1561


Retracted Kshirsagar Dattatray, Debdatta Ratna, Sandesh Jaybhaye (Author)

1569 - 1584


Retracted (Author)

1585 - 1596


Retracted (Author)

1606 - 1614


Retracted (Author)

1615 - 1623


Retracted (Author)

1624 - 1640

Hyperspectral Image Compression and Classification Using PCA and Deep Learning

V. Lalitha, S. Samundeswari, R. Roobinee, S. Swetha Lakshme (Author)

1641 - 1646

Electrochemical Protection of Steel in Concrete

M. Banu Priya, N. Suganya (Author)

1647 - 1653

Analyzing Performance of Used Insulation Oil as Admixture for Concrete

N. Suganya, M. Anusha, S. Durga Nandhini (Author)

1654 - 1663

Investigation of Tensile, Hardness and Double Shear Behaviour of Basalt Aluminium Composites

Sriram K., Bharath Srinivas S., Vijaya Ramanth B., Manimaran T., Parakh Chandra Mirdul, Surendhar S. (Author)

1664 - 1674

Investigation of Wear Behaviourof 6 Wt% Silicon Carbide Fiber Metal Laminate Composite

Sriram K., Bharath Srinivas S., Vijaya Ramanth B., Parakh Chandra Mirdul, Manimaran T., Sairam TS. (Author)

1675 - 1684

Parkinson’s Disease Progression using the Deep Structured Algorithm

G. Manimala, Selvakrishnan, R. Sanchana, P. Kavitha, V. Kavitha (Author)

1685 - 1694

Machine Overheating Detection Using Microcontroller in Electric Vehicles

K. Prathibanandhi, C. Yaashuwanth, R. Sivaprasad, P. Vignesh, R. Gnanaprakash, M. Jayendar (Author)

1695 - 1703

Smart Traffic Clearance System for Emergency Vehicles

J. Manikandan, V. Mangaiyarkarasi, R. Vedamoorthy, S. Mahalakshmi, Sandhiya Karthigeyan, G. Varsha (Author)

1704 - 1707

Spectroscopic Studies of Chromium Doped Boric Acid Glass (BAG)

Sharwan Kumar, David Joseph (Author)

1713 - 1720

Cattle Breed Classification Techniques: Framework and Algorithm Evaluation

Rupak Jogi, Gireesh Temburnikar, Ajinkya Jadhav, Atharva Biradar, Satish Gajbhiv, Abhijeet Malge (Author)

1739 - 1749

Effect Structured Teaching Program regarding Childbirth Preparation on Anxiety and Maternal Outcome among Primigravida Women

Eman Galal Mohamed Kahlil, Nadia Abdalla Mohamed A., Nagat Salah Shaaby, Entisar Mohammed Mahmoud Abu Salem, Fatma El Emam Hafez, Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed, Hanan Kheir Abd Ellatif Elmowafi (Author)

1827 - 1843


Retracted (Author)

1844 - 1851


Retracted (Author)

1852 - 1867

Experimental Study on Mechanical Behaviour of Textile Reinforced Concrete

Ashok Kumar Suluguru, Sreekar Sriramoju (Author)

1868 - 1876

Internal Validation of Developing Outcome Based Education Assessment Instrument Based on Case Method and Team Based Project

Yusnadi, Nani Barorah Nasution, Muhammad Takwin Machmud, Nina Afria Damayanti, Zuwati Hasim, Fatiha Binti Senom (Author)


Role of MRI Sequences in Traumatic Knee Injuries

Nisha Dagar , Monu Sarin, Bhrigu Kumar Das, Rahul Gangwar, Himani Naudiyal (Author)

1992 - 2006

Living Plant or Tree as a Renewable Energy Source of Long Lasting Battery

Purnima K Sharma, TJVS Rao, TVNL Aswini, Dinesh Sharma (Author)

2015 - 2021

In-Depth Analysis of Instabilties in the DMRC Coach Management System

Sonia Duggal, Sachin Sharma, Anupriya Jain, Seema Sharma (Author)

2022 - 2030

Integrating Disaster Data Clustering with Neural Networks for Comprehensive Analysis

Pradeep Kumar N. S., B. C. Divakara, Keerthy N., Girish H., Suhas S. K., K. Revathi (Author)

2031 - 2043

Lpg Leakage Detection System with Auto Disconnecting Regulator to Prevent Domestic Gas Leakage

Somineni Archana, Bhairavabhotla Krishna Deep, Inampudi Mohith, N. Siva Naga Malleswari, Vanka Saritha (Author)

2058 - 2062

Safeguarding Privacy and Security in Seamless Connectivity Environment

M.Suresh Babu, Dharmavaram Asha Devi, A.Pranayanath Reddy, B.Deevena Raju, (Author)

2063 - 2070

Experimental Investigation on Dissimilar Metals Welding of Aluminium 6063 & Aluminium 5754

R. Sudarshan, P.V.R. Girish Kumar CH.N.A.S.P.B. Srinivas (Author)

2071 - 2086

Mobile Base Application for Cataract and Conjunctivitis

Shabeer M.S.M, Yapa Y.M.T.N.S, Herath H.M.K.C.B., D.I.De Silva, W.A.C.Pabasara (Author)

2087 - 2092

Design Analysis of Battery-Operated Cargo Bicycle with Adjustable Cargo Space

Devendra Vashist, Mallhar Maitra, Nirmal Sharma, Shubham Thakur (Author)

2106 - 2113

Educating for Tomorrow: The Crucial Alliance between Universities and Government Policies in Empowering Communities against Climate Change

Imam Hanafi, Devin Mahendika, Ferdinand Salomo Leuwol Antonius Rino Vanchapo (Author)

2114 - 2126

Machine Learning in Education: A Bibliometric Review of Research Trends and Future Directions

La Ili, Dafid Slamet Setiana, Anggit Prabowo, Sarfa Wasahua, Nanang Khuzaini, Muhammad Irfan Rumasoreng, Anasufi Banawi (Author)

2127 - 2140

Breaking the Code: Unveiling the Impact of Digital Inequality on the Fabric of Education Quality

Ahmad Qurtubi, Marzuki, I Ketut Adi Wirayasa, Muhammad Halfi Indra Syahputra, Imam Shofwan (Author)

2141 - 2152

Design Analysis of Portable Electric Two-Wheeler with Enhanced Safety Features

Devendra Vashist, Nirmal Sharma, Shubham Thakur Prateek Singh (Author)

2153 - 2161

Identifiction of Lean Wastes Causing Delay in Construction Operation

Ardra Suseelan, T. Senthil Vadivel, Sunita Bansal, Rajender Kumar (Author)

2175 - 2187

Enhancing the Yield Rate Day Production of Solar Desalination Plant and Maximizing the Performance of Conventional Desalination Plant

P. Selvaraj, G. Nagaraj, H. Ganagasabapathy, A. Thillaivanan, P. Mohan, K. Velmurugan, G. Vairamuthu, P. Deivanayagam (Author)

2169 - 2174

Clustering Multilevel Energy Nodes in Wireless Sensor Network for Multiple Goals

Santosh Vishnu Purkar, Jayant J. Chopade, Dnyaneshwar D. Ahire, Reshma C. Sonawane, Namrata N Wasatkar (Author)

2222 - 2234

Handwriting Detection System Using Brain Net and AI Algorithm

Pawan Mandal, Ritu Gupta, Naveen, Arica Nancy John, Priyanka Dhondiyal, Vinay Singh, Amandeep Kaur, Kajal Shrivastav (Author)

2235 - 2244

Analysis of the Impact of the Work Environment Affected by Parking Facilities and Traffic Logs in the University of Brawijaya

Imam Nurhadi Purwanto, Agus Widodo, Qomariyatus Sholihah, Muhammad Ruslin Anwar (Author)

2245 - 2254

Beta Distribution in Fuzzy Game theory

M. Ananthanarayanan P.Vanitha (Author)

2255 - 2263

The Pulmonary Artery Diameter Variation among Smokers and Non-Smokers.

Shailendra Kumar Diwakar, Shubham Gupta, Rajul Rastogi, Mamta Verma, Dheeraj Kumar, Luv Kumar (Author)

2264 - 2273

Leveraging Natural Language Processing for Real-time Sign Language Interpretation

Hemendra Kumar Jain, Shaik Asad Ashraf, S Sri Harsha,Kotla Veera Venkata Satya Sai Narayana, Pendyala Venkat Subash (Author)

2280 - 2290

The Ebb and Flow of Brand Loyalty: A 28-Year Bibliometric and Content Analysis

Azin Yazdi, Sunder Ramachandran, Hoda Mohsenifard, Khaled Nawaser, Faraz Sasani (Author)

2303 - 2331

Disruptive Innovations using Tech-Business Analytics

Sachin Kumar, Indu Sharma, Anuj Kumar (Author)

2376 - 2396

Keyword Extraction from Single Document Using Hybrid Approach

Fairoz Ahmad, Kiranpreet Kaur (Author)

2425 - 2430

Spatial Analysis of Slum Level in the Coastal Area of Anaiwoi Village, Kolaka Regency

Muhammad Andra Resqianza Thalib, Idawarni J. Asmal , Edward Syarief (Author)

2462 - 2472

Machine Learning Based Malicious Detection Approaches: A Survey

Mahesh T. Dhande, Sanjaykumar Tiwari (Author)

2473 - 2482

Formulation and Evalution of Verapamil Hydrochloride Loaded Aquasomal Sustained Release Tablets

Pavankumar Krosuri, Sk.Abbas, D.Mounika, G.Lavanya, A.Ammulu, K.B.Susmitha Reddy, V.Sukanya, S.Chandini, D.Aashiya, C.Sushma (Author)

2483 - 2492

Cognitive Cyber-Physical Systems: Fusing Human Intelligence with Autonomous Agents

Prof. Anil Pandurang Gaikwad, Prof. Kakpure Krutika Balram, Prof. Ankur B Shukla (Author)

2513 - 2523

Machine Learning-based Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Aircraft Systems

Dr. Rangari Sudhir Ramrao, Dr. Gardi Manish Subhash, Prof. Kakpure Krutika Balram, Prof. Kiran Abasaheb Shejul, Prof. Tawade Shradha Abhishek, Prof. Kulkarni Satish Gunderao (Author)

2524 - 2532

Does Work-Life Balance Have an Impact on Wellbeing (Case Study on Gen X, Y and Z in Depok City)

Endang Susilowati, Rhenald Kasali, Chotib, Mia Siscawati, (Author)


Adaptation Strategy for Structural and Non-Structural Floods on the Pantura Coast

M Afif Salim, SI Wahyudi, Kartono Wibowo, Agus B Siswanto (Author)


Laplacian Minimum Pendant Dominating Partition Energy of a Graph

Prakasha M N, Puttaswamy, Purushothama S, Nayaka S R, K N Prakasha (Author)

2592 - 2601

Evaluation of Machine Learning Based Selected Predictive Models for Voluntary Employee Turnover

Mohan Sangli, Rajeshwar S Kadadevaramath, Jerin Joseph, B.Latha Shankar (Author)

2602 - 2616

Robust Authentication Protocol for Autonomous Vehicle using Digital Twin Networks

Kamal Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Seema, Ramakant Prasad (Author)

2632 - 2645

Two-Dimensional Landsberg Space with a Generalized (Α, Β)-Metric

G. T. Sreenivasa , Ajaykumar AR , Pradeep Kumar (Author)

2694 - 2704

Developing a Smart Exoskeleton Robot with a Novel Design for Elbow Rehabilitation

Nandeesha H. L., Vishwanath Koti, R. Pavan Kumar (Author)

2730 - 2736

Fuzzy Logic as Intelligence Tools in Testing Software Quality

Asmaa Jameel Nawaiseh, Mahmoud Barakat Alnawaiseh (Author)

2737 - 2757

A Novel Small Scale Hydro Electric Power Generation System

S.Sulochana, J. Balaji, C. Mano Shivaraj, M. Murugesh, R. Sampaul (Author)

2758 - 2762

“Innovations in Functionally Graded Materials for Advanced Engineering Applications”

Saurabh Kumar Sahu, Ramit Chugh, Devendra Sahu, Rajiv Khatri, Shubhrata Nagpal, Shiena Shekhar (Author)

2763 - 2775

Velocity Distributions of Mhd Poiseuille Fluid Flow in a Rotating Channel

k.V.Sobha Rani , Ch.V.Sivaram Prasad , i.V.Veeranjaneyulu (Author)

2776 - 2785

Assessing the Risks and Security Implications of Integrating Cloud Computing in Healthcare

Neha Gupta ,Payal Baghel, Priya Gupta , Ashwini Rai (Author)

2799 - 2811

The Implications of Optimal Harvesting Strategies for Sustainable Management of Ecosystems

R.Geeth,K.Sathiyanathan, M. Sivabalan ,M.Sivapradeep, N.P.Deepak (Author)

2812 - 2827

Lpg Leakage Detection System with Auto Disconnecting Regulator to Prevent Domestic Gas Leakage

Somineni Archana, Bhairavabhotla Krishna Deep, Inampudi Mohith, N. Siva Naga Malleswari, Vanka Saritha (Author)

2828 - 2832

A (n, n) Extended Visual Cryptography Technique to Share Grayscale Image

Akshay Gajanan Bhosale, Pritam Baburao Nikam (Author)

2839 - 2853

Adaptation Strategy for Structural and Non-Structural Floods on the Pantura Coast

M Afif Salim, SI Wahyudi, Kartono Wibowo, Agus B Siswanto (Author)

2871 - 2888

Measuring the Level of Awareness of Mutual Fund Investors

Indra Bishnoi, V. K. Bishnoi (Author)

2902 - 2909

Application of Underbalanced Drilling Using the Guo-Ghalambor Method Approach in Lahendong Geothermal Field, Sulawesi Utara

Erlita Dara Sabila, Maman Djumantara, Havidh Pramadika, Mulia Ginting (Author)

2910 - 2916

Analysis of the Impact of the Work Environment Affected by Parking Facilities and Traffic Logs in the University of Brawijaya

Imam Nurhadi Purwanto, Agus Widodo, Qomariyatus Sholihah, Muhammad Ruslin Anwar (Author)

2924 - 2933

Formulation of Building Approval Implementation Model in the Ravine Area in Gianyar Regency

I. Made Dwipa Arta, Nyoman Budiartha, Ngakan Ketut Acwin Dwijendra, Ngakan Ketut Acwin Dwijendra (Author)

2934 - 2940

Solid Restricted Burst Error Locatingand Correcting Linear Optimal Codes

Tarun Lata, Subodh Kumar, Anshul Srivastava, Laxmi Rathour, Lakshmi Narayan Mishra (Author)

2941 - 2950

Experimental Investigation of Various Factors Influencing Solar Still Production for Seawater Desalination

Niyaz Ahamed M.B., Mohammed Asim Siddiqui, Mohammed Azhar Sayeed (Author)

2951 -2955

Machine Learning Based Enhancement of Load Sharing Efficiency in Off-Grid Systems

Shoeb Peer Syed, Maninti Venkateswarlu,N.Vasavi, D.Reshma (Author)

2956 - 2961

Early Detection of Parkinson Disease By Using Dense Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm

Pragadeesh S, Anju A Sanu, Jisha Mathew, Mohammed Vasif R (Author)

2995 - 3001

Implementing Blooms Taxonomy using TEL in Management Education

Dr. Preeti Patil, Dr. Praveen Nayak (Author)

4145 - 4154

Strategic Financial Management: Navigating the Challenges in Large and Medium Businesses

Abdulhakim Ali Abdullah, Prof. Dr. Khairi Ali Auso (Author)

3011 - 3018

Piezoelectric MEMS-Based Underwater Acoustic Vector Sensor: Design and Characterization

Gauri Varade, Liladhar Bhamare, Hrishikesh Mehta, Nikita Mitra (Author)

3039 - 3050

Methods of Normalization Conflicting Norms of Vowel Sounds and their Normalization in Azerbaijani.

Ganira Mammadzada Shahin, Nasibova Gulnara Samaddin, Kazimova Sevda Agil, Kamala Isaeva Ramiz (Author)

3051 - 3055

Routing Protocols Employed in Wireless Sensor Networks-A Survey.

Kruthik Chand D. C. , Manjunatha Reddy H. S. (Author)

3056 - 3064

Hybrid Localization and Navigation System for Dynamic Target Employing RSSI and A* Algorithm

Asjad Suhail Akhtar, Garima Srivastava, Sachin Kumar (Author)

3065 - 3082

A K-NN Algorithm-Based ML Model for Predictive Maintenance in Aircraft Engines

Maragatharaj S., Dinesh Kumar, Vimal Raj V. , N.Santhiyakumari (Author)

3083 - 3089



Strategy to Improve the Behavior of Fishermen in Preserving the Residential Environment in Coastal Areas of South Sulawesi Province

Rahmansah, Bakhrani Abdul Rauf, Faizal Amir, Mithen Lullulangi, Muhammad Ardi (Author)

3119 - 3125

Which is More Dominant: Repetition, Novelty or Impact Factor in Educational Research: Exploring New Breakthroughs

Ratna Puspitasari, Nurhayati, Antonius Rino Vanchapo, Imam Hanafi, Indro Nugroho (Author)

3126 - 3135

Enhanced Fraud Detection Through Customer-Specific Rules in Model Activation

Govind Prasad Buddha, Kiran Babu Sekharamahanthi (Author)

3136 - 3140

Detection of Covid-19 using Deep Learning Techniques

Sahana Lokesh R., Bramha Prakash H. P., Reshma S., Bhavana Patil (Author)

3141 - 3150

Development of F1 Tenth-specific Autonomous Navigation Algorithm

Shripad Bhatlawande, Harshal Daigavhane, Kuldeep Aher, Swarali Damle, Swati Shilaskar (Author)

3159 - 3166

A Comparative Study on Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Slab using HYSD and TMT Bar

Santosh Kalyanrao Patil, Atul Bhimrao Pujari, Abhijeet Ravindra Undre, Vipul Vishnu Jadhav (Author)

3167 - 3179

Profitability of Fish Culture Using Budikdamber System Under Water Quality Control in Kediri City, Indonesia

Pudji Purwanti, Dwi Sofiati, Asyifa Anandya, Diana Aisyah, Mochammad Fattah, Lurian Nurnuha (Author)

3198 - 3208

Implementation of Fault-Tolerance of Computer Networks

Kornienko D. V. Mishina S. V. (Author)

3217 - 3226

Swot Analysis of the Implementation of Child Protection Policy (DepEd Order No.40 S 2012) in Selected Public Schools

Mariciel B. Baligod, Cherie C. Bautista-Apolinario, Warren A. Ramos (Author)

3227 - 3241

Analysis of New Growth Centers in Bantaeng Regency

Muh Ichsan Hasan, Syamsu Alam, Mimi Arifin (Author)

3255 - 3262

Sustainable Infrastructure Model in Handling Slum Settlements in Wolio Subdistrict Baubau City

La Ode Rizki Satria Adi Putra, Edward Syarif, Idawarni J. Asmal (Author)

3263 - 3273

Design of Blood Reversal Prevention in IV Therapy

S. Selvarajamanickam, T. Karthik, R. Logananth, R. Geeta, K. J. Prasanna Venkatesan (Author)

3274 - 3279

An Arduino-Powered Color Sorting Machine Using TCS3200

C. K. Balasundari, T. Abdul Rahuman, P. Naveen Isaac, E. Prithwin Vaibhav (Author)

3335 - 3337

Object Recognition in Images Using Hybrid Deep Learning Model

Jashanpreet Singh, Rajiv Kumar (Author)

3346 - 3360

Safeguarding Academic Integrity: Unveilingthe Intricate Dance between Fraud Behaviorand the Spirituality of University Students

Trinandari Prasetya Nugrahanti, Siska Yulia Defitri, Imam Hanafi, Indro Nugroho (Author)

3463 - 3474

A Numerical Study on Performance of NACA 2418 Airfoil

Md. Zishan Ahmad, Arka Banerjee, Bishal Murmu, Sk Saidul (Author)

3487 - 3495

Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) Applications in Green Port Water Quality Management in Malaysia

Izyan Hakimah Kamar Supardi, Nazirah Mohamad Abdullah, Badrul Hisham Ismail, Astina Tugi (Author)

3496 - 3507

Development of Madura Batik MSME Partnership Model Based on Customer Relationship Management

Novi DB Tamami, Sri Ratna Triyasari, Ach. Kusairi Samlawi, Liniatil Hasanah, Imayatus Soleha (Author)

3508 - 3513

Road Safety System for AccidentProne Area

Arun Samuel TS , Mugesh G, Franklin J, Arun Muthu Sukumar M , Gomathi Kannan M (Author)

3533 - 3535

Case Study: Preliminary Data for a Development of Achievement Coaching Management Evaluation Instrument in Badminton

FransFile Manihuruk, Ahmad Nasrulloh, Sigit Nugroho, Sumaryanto, Sulistiyono, Sumarjo, Guntur, Yudik Prasetyo, Sumaryanti, Gunatevan Elumalai, Japhet Ndayisenga, Antonius Tri Wibowo (Author)

3536 - 3549

Synergistic Extraction of Zinc (II) with TOA and TPPO

Mumtaz Begum , A. V. L. N. S. H. Hariharan (Author)

3550 - 3562

Today’s Challenges: The Opportunity for Enhancing Sports Activities Resurgence and Tenacity

Stephen A. Fadare, Cherie Bautista-Apolinario, Beterbo, Jay-R. Leana, Shamson T. Abantas. Connie Pajar Adriano (Author)

3563 - 3573

Faculty Performance Appraisal by Students: A Basis for Supervisory Plan Model

Hendely A. Adlawan, Lowelyn L. Mabandes, Stephen A. Fadare., Dina A. Gumanoy., Ariel A. Oyda, Amor B. Malinis., Jonathan V. Pagdato (Author)

3574 - 3581

Serial Case of MR Immunization Not Carried Out Related to Incidence of Measles Complicating as Pneumonia in Ende East Nusa Tenggara: Awareness of Re-emerging Disease After Covid-19 Pandemics

Nurmasithah, Brenda Cristie Edina, Natashya Phillipa Nanda Ngasu, Danny Jaya Yacobus, Ardanta Dat Topik Tarigan, Irene Ratridewi (Author)

3592 - 3599

Design and Implementation of 11,13 and 21-Level Inverter Configurations for Micro Grid Applications

V Kumar Reddy Majji, D Tata Rao, U P Kumar Chaturvedula (Author)

3600 - 3609

A Comparative Study Of Ai Enabled Crm Tool In Pre Vs Post Pandemic Era Of Indian Retail Sector

Dr. Rashi Baliyan, Mr. Diwakar Chaudhary, Prof. (Dr.) Subhash Kumar Verma, Dr. Khadilkar Sujay Madhukar (Author)

3639 - 3645

The Effect of Oblateness on the mean motion of rotating Cyclic Kite Configuration.

Manuara Khatun, M. R. Hassan, Sandeep Suman (Author)

3646 - 3660

VADER in Big Data NLP: Profound Insights

Viswanathan Ramasamy Reddy, Anjaneya Choudary Ghanta, Sujay Jonnalagadda, Dutt Nimmagadda, Bhavesh sai Donthineni (Author)

3738 - 3744

Numerical Analysis of Seismic Performance in High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Composite (HPFRCC) Frames

Meysam Ebrahimi Lakme Sari, Fatemeh Nesa Mohajer Mojeni, Mohaddeseh Kalaei Moakhar (Author)

3745 - 3764

Self-Realization in the Novels of Manohar Malgonkar and Namita Gokhale

M. Kumar Babu, G. P. Ragini, M. Jayasree , (Author)

3775 - 3778

Employee Onboarding Process Using Robotic Process Automation

Dr. K. Vijiyakumar, Abinesh. S, Aravindh. M, Mohamed Fagad. I, Yuvaraj. S (Author)

3793 - 3803

Developing Digital Literacy Instrument Using the Rasch Model

Tri Rijanto, Mochamad Cholik, Bambang Sumintono (Author)


Knowledge Management Network in the COVID-19 Era

Julio E Crespo, Cruz García Lirios, Germán Moreno, Juan Mansilla Sepúlveda, Jorge E. Chaparro Medina, Isabel Cristina Rincón Rodríguez (Author)

3851 - 3862

A Review Paper on Cluster-Based Framework for Improving Steel production Quality

Sanjeet Choudhary , Prof. (Dr.) Ritu Sindhu (Author)

3863 - 3875

A Faster Approach for Establishing Trip Similarity

Sudha Chaturvedi, Dr. Tapsi Nagpal (Author)

3876 - 3887

An Intelligent Virtual Voice Assistant Using NLP

V. Ramya, Dr. P. Selvaraju, N. Naveen, M. Sathishkumar (Author)

3908 - 3912

Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Modeling for Traffic Volume Prediction

Abhay Narayan Tripathi, Bharti Sharma (Author)

3927 - 3938


Retracted (Author)

3927 - 3934

Moving Object Detection and Classification using Deep Learning Techniques

Dr. Rohini Chavan, Akash Gulge, Somesh Bhandare (Author)

3935 - 3944

Catin Behavior Assessment Based on Premarital Screening for Healthy Families Readiness at the Religious Affairs Office in Medan, Johor District Year 2023

Ninsah Mandala Putri Br Sembiring, Juliana Munthe, Srilina Br Pinem, Parningotan Simanjuntak, Basaria Manurung, Isyos Sari Sembiring, Jamaliyah (Author)


Failure Prediction Analysis of Hybrid Resin Composite Materials by Using Weibull Analysis

C. Venkateshwar Reddy,A. Kalyan Charan, V. Harinath (Author)

3951 - 3960

Hybrid Nanofluids Impact on Convective Heat Transfer Optimization: A Numerical Study

H. Amini Alaoui , W. Bentoto , M. Zaydan , R. Sehaqui (Author)

3971 - 3980

Evaluation of the Phytochemical Profile of Ipomoea aquatica Whole Plant Extract by GC-MS

Rajshekhar Ghorai, Anupam Ahikary, Biplab Debnath, Kuntal Hazra, Belarani Mahato, Afsona khatun, Ritabrata koley, Shaileyee Das (Author)

4006 - 4014

Rayleigh-Ritz Method for In-Plane Free Vibrations of Tapered Arches Having Variable Radius.

Ahmed Babahammou, Omar Outassafte , Soufiane Elouardi, Adil Zine, Rhali Benamar (Author)

4029 - 4047

Demographic Differences and Job Performance among Academicians

Atiela Amran ,Mohd Faiez Suhaimin ,Nooradzlina Mohd Pauzi, Intan Nurul’ Ain Mohd Firdaus Kozako, Azwan Shah Aminuddin (Author)

4057 - 4064

Enhancing Cybersecurity through the Utilization of Blockchain Technology

Vinod Kumar Uppalapu , Ajay Agarwal (Author)

4076 - 4081

Multi Country Currency Finder Using Oriented Fast and Rotated Brief for Destitute of Vision

Dr. Vijiyakumar. K, Suhaib Ahamed. K. A, Sagar. S, Kishor. K (Author)

4082 - 4091

Facemask Detection Using Cascade Classifier Techniques

Dr. K. Vijiyakumar, Ganesh. T, Loganathan. V, Pathrinath. M, Praveen.V (Author)

4092 - 4100

AI Based Safety Alert for Car Door Opening Using Yolov5l Algorithm

Dr. M. Suresh, Divyadharshini. S. A, Mirunalinidevi. N, Dheepasri. G (Author)

4101 - 4109

Fitness And Healthcare App Infused with Machine Learning

Dr. P. Sivakumar, E. Praveen Kumar, S. Dinesh kumar, M. Kishore (Author)

4110 - 4116

Detection of Drone Using CCTV Live Feed

Mr. S. Uthayashangar, Gogul. S.S, Gunaselan. S, Pravinkumar .S (Author)

4117 - 4123

A Study on Local Injection of Methylprednisolone Acetate to Prevent Seroma Formation after Mastectomy in 210 cases.

Dr. Nischal Raj L, Dr. Adnan Saeed, Dr. Arpitha M R, Dr. Sumalatha A, Dr. Avinash T R (Author)

4137 - 4144

Justification of the Concept of a High-Resolution Radar with A Sparse Antenna System

Zhantlessov Yerbol, Gruzin Vladimir, Dzhusupbekov Timur, Dolya Alexandr (Author)

4155 - 4161

Review Of Systematic Literature About Sentiment Analysis Techniques

Cornelius Damar, R. Rizal Isnanto, Aris Puji Widodo (Author)


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