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Vol. 45 No. 02 (2024)

Published: 2024-04-12

Impact of Biodiesel Blends on Combustion and Endurance Characteristics of Diesel Engines

G. Balasubramanian, P. Balashanmugam, K. Kumaravel, S. Sivaprakasam (Author)

3224 - 3241

Hello ChatGPT: Transforming Academia and Libraries through AI

Rituparna Roy, Anupam Chanda (Author)

3242 - 3250

Role of Jalaukavacharana in Piles-A Case Study

Vedangi Patel, Ashar Kulkarni, Neel Prajapati (Author)

3251 - 3254

"System for Reducing Collision Accidents Using the Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Model and Wireless Network Mechanisms"

Eyran Roberto Diaz Gurrola, Emmanuel Contreras Medina, Carlos Tolentino, Victor Manuel Moreno Landeros, Alicia Rodriguez Pulido, Iliana Avalos Murillo (Author)

3255 - 3264

Understanding Work Environments of the Truck Drivers its Influence on Physical Fatigue

VB Tripathi, Anoop Khanna, JP Singh, Vinod Kumar SV, Snigdha Pareek (Author)

3265 - 3276

Immunological and Anti-inflammatory Properties of Nanoparticles: A Review

Hari Prasad Sonwani, Madhuri Baghel, Meenakshi Bharkatiya, Alka Agrawal, Ashish Majumdar, Surendra Kumar Saraf (Author)

3331 -3347

Integrated Deep Learning Solution and Fuzzy Logic for Accurate Vehicle Detection and Classification

HariharaganeshM,Himanshu ,Saurabh Premlal Tembhurne (Author)

3368 - 3376

Exploring the Potential of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) in Secure Communication

Sushil Bhardwaj, Indu Sharma, Surbhi Sharma, Sunaina Bagga (Author)

3385 - 3390

Fake Currency Detector

Aditya Bhardwaj, Arya Tyagi, Ruchika Pandey, Vrinda Batra, Jagbeer Singh (Author)

3391 - 3401

Areas of Application of Digital Marketing

Nushaba Hajiyeva Aslan, Gurbanova Khatira Veli,Huseynova Mehriban Rovshan, Garayeva Shahla Nadir, Karimova Irada Jamil, Rustamova Aygul Elbrus (Author)

3402 - 3407

Effect of Plyometric Exercises on Speed Endurance and Vo2max in Basketball Players. A Pilot Study

Anju Rani , Tsering Yangzom ,Sangam Kumari ,Sumera khan (Author)

3421 - 3430

A Comprehensive Review of Ml and Iot in Current Technologies for Remote Healthcare

A.Sheelavathi , P.Shanmugapriya , V. Mohan (Author)

3431 - 3449

Sustainability of Discrete Manufacturing Processes Based on the Lean Principle: A Case Study

Muhammad Sani Khamisu, Subhajit Dey, Ratna Achuta Paluri (Author)

3450 - 3461

Developing a Dialogical Community in the Context of Multireligious Indonesia

Carolus Borromeus Mulyatno , Indra Tanureja (Author)

3049 - 3058

Analysis on the Role of Tax Planning on Tax Compliance with Tax Digitalization as a Mediating Variable

Gregorius Suhadi , Vincent Didiek Wiet A. , Herry Subagyo (Author)

3059 - 3068

A Study of Mass Media in Imparting Sex Education Among Adolescents

Amritpal Kaur, Sharanjeet Kaur, Rajveer Kaur, Preeti Ratan, Anupam Kaur (Author)

3077 - 3079

Sentiment Analysis Using Natural Language Processing on Text Messages

Yusuf Baig, Bapanapalli Harshitha Sai Durga, Kalakota Sai Sanjana, Nerella Venkata Rama Tendulkar, Radha Mothukuri, T. Vignesh (Author)

3108 - 3118

The Evolution of Forensic Facial Recognition: From Anthropometry to Multimodal Biometric Systems

Poorvi Ujjainia, Leoson Heisnam, Santosh Gaikwad, Sanjeev Saini, Arjun MS, Saumya Tripathi, Vaishalli (Author)

3129 - 3140

A Novel Effort Estimation Framework for Agile Based Projects

Shivali Chopra, Arun Malik (Author)

3156 - 3162

Smart Agriculture System

Yallamati prakasarao , Gunji Sreenivasulu, V.N.S.Vijaykumar Lakshmanrao Battula (Author)

3204 - 3207

Effect of Different Electrode Materials on the Performance of EDM: A Review

Pragati.A.Jagadale 1, Shailesh. S. Shirguppikar , Sharad D. Patil , Dua Tran Van , Phan Nguyen Huu , Trinh Pham Van , Ly Nguyen Trong , Tai Bui Tien (Author)

6 - 16

Unfolding Health Literacy among Adolescents: A Systematic Review in the Usage of Digital Information

Fei Wang*, Suhartini Ismail* ,Ma. Theresa Salinda*, Cliff Richard T. Mabasa*, Wilfredo D. Quijencio Jr*, Orlane Marybhel D. Dimaunahan*, Daryl Jake S. Fornolles*, Reggie Mae D. Jasmin * (Author)

30 - 51

Smart E-Ticketing System

Abijith A. S., Abdul Malik M., Sanjay Krishna G., Bharath M., I.Vivek Anand (Author)

52 - 57

Efficacy of Friction Stir Welded Joints Under Fatigue Loading: A Critical Review

Jagadesh Kumar Jatavallabhula , Vasudeva Rao Veeredhi (Author)

66 - 75

Digital Competence of Compulsory General Education Teachers in the Present-Day Conditions

Olga Kotlyarova, Olga Povalyaeva, Elena Igonina (Author)

76 - 84

E-Waste Management and Sustainability Development

Vaibhavi Vijay Toraskar (Author)

100 - 108

A Review on in-vitro Techniques for Increase the Production of Secondary Metabolites in Plants

Bidyutparna Bhattacharya Kundu, Sonjit Das, ⁠ ⁠Richa Dayaramani, ⁠Shaileyee Das, ⁠Debasmita Paul, ⁠Biplab Debnath (Author)

109 - 129

Performace Analysis of Germanium Source Double Gate TFET Based Biosensor

R.Immaculate Jeffe, S.V. Iswarya , D. Jenifer , A. Selva Archana, M.Sathish Kumar (Author)

130 - 134


Retracted (Author)

135 - 142

Design of Dielectric Resonator loaded Dual Band Microstrip Antenna for 5G mm-wave Applications

S.Ashok , VishnuVardhan Rao G., W.Nancy, Saravanan K., (Author)

143 - 150

Next-Generation Tool Condition Monitoring: Leveraging AI and IoT in Milling Applications.

Sunil M. Pondkule, Sachin M. Bhosle, Pranesh B. Bamankar, Vikas S. Dhane (Author)

164 - 191

Campus Payment And Management System -Web App with Alert System

K.Harshini, R.Subaharini, S.Cathrin Mercila, A.Apsara (Author)

191 - 200

MoodScope: Navigating Emotions through Convolutional Neural Networks

Vansh Sharma , Srishti Sharma , Waseem Qureshi , Nadeem Anwar (Author)

201 - 214

Smart Helmet Technology: Integrating IoT for Enhanced User Safety

T.Durkka Parameswari, S.Padmashankari, M.Vaishnavi, S.Sindhana (Author)

215 - 222

Current Trends and Challenges in Medical Device Regulation

Arnab Majumder, Sathi Debbarma, Pragya Datta, Bithika Paul, Subrata Debnath (Author)

277 - 289

Contextual Word Embeddings: A Review

Gagandeep Singh, DSurender Kumar,Sukhdev Singh, (Author)

302 - 309

Phytochemical Content and Insecticidal Activity of Oil Palm Solid Waste Liquid Smoke

Dudi Haryadi, Fahri Rijal Giffari, Neneng Sri Widayani, Khairunissa Ainun, Muhammad Fathussalam, Indra Yuwono, Danar Dono (Author)

310 - 324

Cough Based Lung Infection Detection Using Deep Learning

N. Lavanya, B. Gowri Priya, G. Sai Prasad, A. Sai Theja (Author)

332 - 337

Advanced Spam Detection for IoT Security with Real-Time Processing

D. Archana, E. Nikhita,D. Sai Prasanna, B. Abhishek, D. Koushik (Author)

338 - 343

Search Me If You Can Privacy-Preserving Location Query Services

D.Lakshman Babu, A.Umesh Chandra, Adinasiddhika, B.Vijaya Lakshm, (Author)

344 - 353

Implementation of split-screen Facility in web applications

K. Dhivya, M. Raju, B. Aishwarya , A. Bhanu Prasad , B. Ravi (Author)

354 - 359

Cyberbullying Detection Based on Semantic-Enhanced Marginalized Denoising Auto-Encoder

Bandari Ramakrishna*, Bejugam Sathvika*, Gajam Chandana*, Kiranmai Nandagiri* (Author)

360 - 365

Exploring Post Traumatic Growth in Survivors of Personal Trauma

Bhavya Tandon , Kaushlendra Mani Tripathi (Author)

366 - 373

Analysıs of the Stabılıty of the Antı-Erosıon Cultıvator

Gurbanov G. Y., Mammadov Z. V., Yusifova H. H., Huseynova S. A., Alekperova V. S., Seyib M. B. (Author)

391 - 395

Assessing The Impact of Electric Vehicle Charging on Power Procurement Costs: Implications for India's Energy Utilities

P. Sureshkumar, S. Vinoth, S. Selvam, V. Manivel Muralidharan, Dr. V. Saravanan (Author)

396 - 404

Investigating the Impact of Heat Treatment on Tensile Properties of Aluminum- B4C Metal Matrix Mixtures

Anil Kumar B. N., Prashanth Kumar.S., Srikumar Birdar, Iranna Mallappa Biradar, Abrar Ahamad, Reddappa H. N, Abhinav (Author)

439 - 446

Fostering Coherence in Academic Writing through Effective Referencing

Latha R. , V. Ramesh Babu, P.B. Edwin Prabhakar (Author)

447 - 453

Digital Forensics: Deep Learning’s Approach to Deepfake Image Identification

Buvaneshwaran P, V Ramesh Babu, S Geetha (Author)

454 - 467

Analysis of the Stability of the Anti-Erosion Cultivator

Gurbanov G.Y., Mammadov Z.V, Yusifova H.H., Huseynova S.A. , Alekperova V.S., Seyib M.B. (Author)

483 - 487

Comparative Evaluation of Herbal Waters with a Medicated Mouth Rinse by In Vitro Anti-Inflammatory Study

G. Sirisha, Sai Koteswar Sarma, P. Sai Sunil, A. Ashok Kumar, Saila Sree Devarala, C. Prathusha, C. Haritha, P. Yoshitha, C. Naveen, M. S. Abdul Sattar (Author)

488 - 498


Retracted (Author)

499 - 508

Ethical Considerations in the Deployment of AI

Aaryan Gupta, Amrit Raj, Mayank Puri, Jayesh Gangrade (Author)

518 - 530

Alcohol Ascertain and Fooboard Evasion System on Footboarding in Buses

Merlin deva kiruba , Pavitha ,S.Rajeswari ,N.Arumugam (Author)

531 - 536

Patient Intravenous Drip Scrutinization System

V.Abernha,V.Pragathi,S.Shiny Divya Mary,A.Shenbagavalli (Author)

537 - 543

Experimental Analysis of Thermal Properties of Magnesium Oxide Nanofluids

Bijayalakshmi Das, Nikhil B. R., Pavan R. Kodikar, Prahlad V., Nikhil Gowda K. (Author)

544 - 552

Satellite Detection and Navigation

Kaushik Pratik, Pradeep Kushwaha, Akshit Gahlot, Harshit Yadav, Ujjawal Kumar, Joney Kumar (Author)

553 - 558

An Area Coverage Improvement Using Voronoi Diagram

Sindhuja R., Suvetha S., Vijaya Harshitha S., Subramanian K. (Author)

559 - 571

Cyber-Crime Awareness among Prospective Teachers of Iase, Aizawl

Vanlalhluzuala Sailo,Donna Lalnunfeli, Lalbiakdiki, H. Lalengmawii (Author)

572 - 576

"Assessing the Influence of Regulatory Changes on Indian Stock Market Volatility: A Study of SEBI's Policy Reforms"

Manoj Singh Negi. Shekhar Kumar Sahu, Bhaskar Singh Bisht, Amit Thaker, Deepak Dhariyal, Uma Raikhola (Author)

584 - 592

Spectrum Sensing Techniques in Cognitive Radio Networks

Gaikwad P.B, Dhaigude N.B, Gawade P.D, Changan D.D, Sorate S.B (Author)

601 - 610

The Role of the World Bank at the International Level

Jafarova Rumella Telman (Author)

611 - 615

A Clinical Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Vipareeta Malla Taila in Dusta Vrana

Bhopinder singh, Shailesh jaiswal, Manpreet singh (Author)

616 - 624

Health Screening Analysis Using Machine Learning

Raju Sharma, Parul Sharma, Shivangi Pandit, Punit Mittal (Author)

625 - 635

Cyber Fraud in Relation with Cyber Crime Critical Study

Debalina Das, Archana Aggarwal (Author)

680 - 693

Experimental Study on Structural Behaviour of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beam Using Hybrid Fibers

Amit T. Nagtilak, Mahesh G. Kalyanshetti, Sandeep B. Javheri (Author)

723 - 735

Almost Perfectly ξ-Continuous Maps (APξCM)

Mudassir Ahmad, Nazir Ahmad Ahengar, Arvind Kumar Sharma, Dildar Singh Tandon, Tarun Kumar Deshmukh (Author)

755 - 761

Effect of Modified Burn’s Wean Assessment Program Application on Weaning Outcomes among Mechanically Ventilated Patients

Eman Fathy Amr, Nayera Tantaewy, Hanaa Farahat Ibrahim Ahmed, Safaa Sayed Mustafa Ibrahim, Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed, Elsayed Mahmoud Sabek (Author)

762 - 774

Ngayah and Bakti: Exploring The Essence of Happiness in The Bayung Gede Traditional Village, Kintamani, Bali

Dewi Ardhiyanti NLP, Sudibia Ketut, Pramitha Purwanti Putu Ayu, Murjana Yasa IGW (Author)

775 - 784

Juridical Analysis of Legal Protection for Journalists in Indonesia

Hasudungan Sinaga, Josafat Pondang (Author)


Intelligent Social Distancing Enforcement: A YOLOv3-Based Framework for Health Security

Aedunuri Manasa, CH. Krishna Vamshi, A. Venkateshwar (Author)

809 - 818

Generalized Forms of Fuzzy Closure and Fuzzy Interior

Vidyavati V. Kamanuri , Veeresha A. Sajjanara (Author)

819 - 823

Somewhat G_F-Continuous Maps

Mallikarjun N. Hottinavar , Veeresha A. Sajjanara (Author)

824 - 827

Tree Domination Number in Total Graph T(G) of a Graph G.

S. Muthammai, C. Chitiravalli (Author)

828 - 833

Irregularity Mitigation in Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings

Abhinav Kumar, Dr. Akshit Lamba, Swati Agrawal (Author)

855 - 861

Properties Assessment of Sulfur- Modified Asphalt

Nishant Kumar Ojha, Akshit Lamba , Swati Agrawal (Author)

862 - 870

Methodology of Using E-Learning Technology in the Study of the Subject “Computer Science”

Orujova Elnara Muharram, Hagverdiyeva Sevil Allahverdi, Yegane Tagiyeva Hikmet (Author)

871 - 878

Automated Timetable Generator

Ankit Narang, Anshul Sharma, Anmol Tyagi, Aman Sharma, Md. Shahid (Author)

899 - 907

Heart Attack Predication Using Machince Learning

Divyanshu Tiwari,Devpriyam Aggarwal,Gopal Agarwal,Gaurang Agarwal,Md.Shahid (Author)

908 - 918

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Yash Chauhan, Tanishak Tyagi, Skand Kamboj, Puneet Mittal (Author)

919 - 924

Sentiment Analysis to Compare Tweets About Online Education During and After COVID-19

Nishita Sharma, Nandni Das Singhal, Nidhi Panghal, Nitish Kumar Sengar, Meharban Ali (Author)

925 - 930

Identification of Medicinal Plants by Visual Characteristics of Leaves

Satyam Sangwan, Kanupriya,Amarpreet Kaur,Vani Mittal,Vijay Kumar (Author)

931 - 937

Yield Optimisation for Biodiesel Production from Locally Available Waste Cooking Oil (WCO) using Taguchi Technique and Its Characterisation

Prasanta Kumar Choudhury, Dilip Kr. Bora, Uddipta Das, Syed Fakhruz Zafri Zaman, (Author)

944 - 958

Drawing a Ladder to Establish the Accountability Tree for the Community Health Center (Puskesmas)

Panji Putranto, Gugus Irianto, Bambang Hariadi, Noval Adib (Author)

959 - 965

Talent Management Analysis at Financial Audit Agency

Seneng Rilanto, Adji Suratman, Choirul (Author)

966 - 971

Structural Identification of a Mathematical Model for the Processes of Blending and Melting of Copper Concentrates

Aliya Kalizhanova, Ulzhan Imanbekova, Ainur Kozbakova, Aliya Imanbekova, Zhalau Aitkulov (Author)

988 - 995

Evaluating the Influence of Sustainable Design within the School Community: A Comprehensive Analysis

Kawthar Husain Ali , Sh. Fay Abdulla Mohammed Al-Khalifa (Author)

1004 - 1021

Action Recognition System for Sign Language Using TensorFlow & OpenCV

Abhinav Yadav, Yash Saini, Yatharth Goswami, Abhash Chauhan, Mr. Md. Shahid (Author)

1022 - 1025

Prediction of House Prices Using Machine Learning

Nisha Dhakaa, Avantika Chaudharyb, Dhriti Sisodiac, Mayank Sharmad,Satish Babue (Author)

1026 - 1034

Detecting Fraudulent Job Postings: A Machine Learning Approach

Ridam, Riya Singh, Tanuj Kumar Dhakery, Prerna Chaudhary (Author)

1035 - 1044

Automatic Image Captioning Using Deep Learning

Adnan Khana, Gulshanovar Chauhanb, Adil Khanc, Harshit Chaudharyd, Md Shahid (Author)

1145 - 1149

Phishing Website Detection Using Machine Learning

Ishan Agarwal, Gautam Bhatyani, Harshit Sethi, Abhinav Gaba (Author)

1150 - 1156

Divine Pilgrimage Quest

Anurag Singh,Apurv Shukla,Ankit Pal,Ajay Pratap,Md. Shahid (Author)

1157 - 1161

Intelligent Driver Drowsiness Vigilance Monitoring Using Machine Learning

Richa Sahu,Asheesh Sahu,Ashish Kumar,Ayush Goel,Amit kumar (Author)

1162 - 1168

Engagement Detection during E-Learning Classes using Machine Learning Algorithms

Prabhat Kashyap, Hemant Kumar, Nancy Jain (Author)

1169 - 1179

Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Through Log Analysis Using Large Language Models

Ankush Kumar Kothiyal, Shivi Bansal, Shubham Pareek , Jagbeer Singh (Author)

1180 - 1188

Analyzing Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting Heart Disease

Aakriti Malik, Pranav Goswami, Tanvi Kaushik, Rishabh Gupta, Md. Shahid (Author)

1189 -1197

Vendor on Boarding System Based on Salesforce

Shivangi Sirohi, Ansh Kumar, Shivani Poonia, Shivam Abrol, Vijay Kumar Sharma (Author)

1198 - 1205

A Hybrid Approach for Visual Cryptography Using Caesar Cipher Algorithm

Aaditya Singh , Akshay Jayant,Rudransh Atray,Aditya Pulkit, Md. Shahid (Author)

1206 - 1214

Visualizing and Forecasting Stocks Using Machine Learning

Vaishnavi Singh, Pukar Singh Pundir,Ritik Thakur,Mukul Tyagi,Amit Kumar Saini (Author)

1215 - 1218

Image De-Hazing Using Globally Guided Image Filtering

Yash Sharma, Vansh Mittal, Vishnu Srivastava, Neha Prakash (Author)

1219 - 1226

Blockchain-Based Crowdfunding Platform

vipul Gupta, tushar Goel, Ajay Pratap Singh, Vivek Kumar (Author)

1227 -1232

Fake News Detection Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Priyanshu Garga, Priyanshu Sharmab, Piyush Kumarc, shivi Malikd , Md. Shahid (Author)

1233 - 1238

Trading Software Using Blockchain Technology

Hitesh Kashyap, Akkshit, Harsh Garg, Md. Shahid (Author)

1239 - 1247

Video Based Face Recognition System

Mayank Singha, Akshit Jindalb, Shalu Sharmac, Shagund,Md. Shahid (Author)

1248 - 1251

Plant Disease Identification Using Convolution Neural Network

Riya Singhala, Manan Gaurb, Ritika Rathic, Rashi Gargd , Md. Shahid (Author)

1252 - 1257

Quick Tweet Analysis Using NLP

Shivam Agarwal, Anshika Jain, Anshika Gupta, Sejal Tyagi, Mukesh Rawat (Author)

1258 - 1266

Multimodal Speech Sentimental Analysis

Rohan Katyal, Sanskriti Agrahari, Shagun Chauhan, Md. Shahid, (Author)

1267 - 1278

Amazon User Segmentation

Ankit Chaudhary, Abhishek Pal, Ankit Saraswat, Harshit Jindal, Jagbeer Singh (Author)

1279 - 1285

Key-Phrase based Automatic Document Summarization

Gosiya Kaleem.,Md. Shahid, Mukesh Rawat (Author)

1286 - 1290

Performance Enhancement of Automatic Short Answer Grading (Asag) Using Deep Learning

Rupal Chaudhari, Manish Patel, Ankur Goswami (Author)

1291 - 1301

The Object Detection of Industry Nuts and Bolts Using Image Processing

Ketki Kshirsagar,Arti Bang, Mayur Agrawal, Shreyas Dabhikar, Apurva Kamble, Om Bandurkar (Author)

1321 - 1326

Facial Emotion Recognition: Leveraging Transfer Learning for Enhanced Decoding

Karthik Reddy Munnangi, Jampala Venkata Saileenath Reddy , Sai Ruthvik Reddy, Aella,Kalipindi Navya, S Sri Harsha (Author)

1327 - 1341

Video-Conferencing Integration into the Univercity Information Security System

Dmitry Tarov, Sergey Roshchupkin, Lyudmila Alexandrova (Author)

1342 - 1350

Modeling the Impact of Digitalization Factors on Territorial Development

Yulia Yesina, Natalya Stepanenkova (Author)

1351 - 1357

Driver Drowsiness & Vehicle Security System

Mathis Kumar T, Issac D, Prakash R M, Suresh V (Author)

1368 - 1370

Unveiling the Digital Health Renaissance: Exploring the Surge of Health Literacy through Bibliometric Analysis in Early Detection of Cervical Cancer

Sri Utami, Esty Yunitasari, Mira Triharini, Nursalam, Ninuk Dian Kurniawati, Ferry Efendi, Hanik Endang Nihayati (Author)

1371 - 1379

Learning Styles of Higher Secondary School Students in Aizawl City in Relation to Their Gender

H.Lalengmawii, Donna Lalnunfeli, Lalbiakdiki, Vanlalhluzuala Sailo, (Author)

1406 - 1410

A Generalization of Decision Methods in Fuzzy Soft Environment

Anurag Awasthi, Anjali Pandey (Author)

1442 - 1446

Revolutionizing Urban Waste Management: An AI-Powered Autonomous Solution for Smart Cities

Sushma K Sattigeri, Seema Srinivas, Shridhar Kabbur, Girish H (Author)

1447 - 1457

Exploring the Relationship Between Student Stressand Academic Achievement By using Machine Learning Techniques

I. Lakshmi Gayatri ,D. Divyamsha ,K . Kavya , C. Hema Charitha (Author)

1470 - 1474

Exploring Machine Learning Models for Efficient Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Diagnosis

Arshi Hussain, Anil Kumar Mahto, Kavita Sinha, Naved Alam* (Author)

1490 - 1501

Wearable Antenna For Tracking Applications

V.Noor Nisha,A.Andrea Evangeline ,M.J.Mothi Shree , R.Manjula Devi,I.Paulkani (Author)

1502 - 1513

Swastik Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna For C Band Wireless Applications

Ajithra.S, Maheswari.A, Vidhusharani.R, C.Balamurugan (Author)

1514 - 1520

Sustainable Business Model Strategy Towards Renewable Energy Business: A Case Study in Indonesian Electricity Company

Prahara Lukito Effendi, Budisantoso Wirjodirdjo, Sitta Izza Rosdaniah (Author)

1521 - 1532

Implementation of Object Detection Using FPGA

Ritik Kumar Verma, Sahil Tiberawal, Satish Yadav, Sarvendra Singh (Author)

1548 - 1557

Examining the Role of HRM Practices in Fostering Employee Engagement Towards CSR Initiative.

María Teresa Espinosa-Jaramillo, Manuel Enrique Chenet Zuta, Avantika Raina, Juan Victoriano Castillo Maza, Norma Eulalia Barona López, Elita Luisa Rincón. (Author)

1558 - 1568

Influence Of Significant Worldwide Code- Based Design Considerations for Ground- Level Open-Story Edifices

Mr Shubham Agrawal, Mr Shubham Shrivastava , Dr. Swati Agrawal (Author)

1583 - 1590

Vibration Assessment of Cracked Composite Beams

Mr Pratik Yadav, Dr. Akshit Lamba, Dr. Swati Agrawal (Author)

1591 - 1597

Exploring the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Language Documentation and Endangered Language Preservation.

Soumi Ray, Deepak A. Vidhate, Priyanka Singla, Pallavi, Satish Grover, Eric Howard. (Author)

1630 - 1639

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life

Santhosh Chitraju, Gopal Varma (Author)

1640 - 1650

Investigation of Fly Ash Geopolymer Concrete Enhanced by Epoxy Resin & Glass Fiber

Rohit Mishra, Madhu Sahu, Swati Agrawal (Author)

1651 - 1657

Three-dimensional Visualization and Connection Assessment of Roofed Lumber Footbridges

Uday Ghimire, Swati Agrawal, Akshit Lamba (Author)

1658 - 1664

Constitutive Damage Modeling of Concrete in Compression with Dilatation

Chhabiraj Ghimire , Kamal Bahadur Thapa, (Author)

1687 - 1699

Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Salon Management: Revolutionizing Customer Relationship Management at PK Salon

Akshay Agarwal, Bhanu Devaguptapu, Rahul Saoji, Savitha Naguri,Rajiv Avacharmal (Author)

1700 - 1712

Intelligent Solar Water Pumping Scheme with BLDC

Dnyaneshwar Walke, Paratwar P V, Tamboli, S.S.Bhosale, B.V.Anarase (Author)

1713 - 1720

Design of Low Latency Multiply Accumulate Unit Using Counter Based Modular Wallace Tree Multiplier

Revathi S., Valli Shri P., Vidhyavarshini S., Kalieswari C. (Author)

1742 - 1747

GSM Enabled Automatic Cradle with Music and Lighting System

M. Vanitha, D. Vasantha Kumari , A. Yamuna Priyadarshini, K. Kasi Manisha, S. Lavanya (Author)

1760 - 1767

On Fermatean Neutrosophic Hypersoft σ- Baire Spaces

P. Reena Joice , M. Trinita Pricilla (Author)

1768 - 1777

Model of Causality and Shocks of Government Spending to Gross Domestic Product in Indonesia

Edy Sutriono , Candra Fajri Ananda , Radityo Putro Handrito (Author)

1802 - 1816

Wearable Tri-Band Antenna for Mm-Wave

Ambhika G., Maria Raja Sherly C., S. Lavanya (Author)

1817 - 1822

A Deep Learning Approach for Driver Monitoring System

Lakshmi Prasanna,Srinivas Malladi (Author)

1823 - 1828

Healthcare Chatbot Using Natural Language Processing

G.V.V. Sai Roshan, V. Koushik Raj, D. Mohan Satyendra, S. Sai Devesh, D. Lokesh, K. Swarna (Author)

1829 - 1835

CT Scan Image Denoising and Exposure Optimization Using Cascaded U-Net with Sparse Constraints

PrabhuV., Sagaya Nelson P.,Hemaraj N.,Thotakura Dumbu Revanth, Ruban Thomas D. (Author)

1836 - 1844

Experimental and Numerical Study on Effect of Fibre Orientations on Residual Elastic Properties in Glass Fibre Laminates.

Destayehu Addisu, Ermias G/Kidan Koricho, Addisu Negash, Getnet Ayele (Author)

1845 - 1858

The CFD Analysis of a CI Engine's Combustion Properties as it Runs on Chicken Fat Biodiesel at Various Compression Ratios

Rajeesh S., Hemavathy S., T. Anil Kumar Ravi K. M , Aradhya S. M. (Author)

1859 - 1871

An Empirical Study of Technophobia among Adults

Vaishali Gupta, Sahil Sharma, Suhani Nimkar, Jayesh Gangrade (Author)

1872 - 1887

Design Optimization and Analysis of Remote Operated Rack in and Out Unit of Worm Gear

Mudimela sai sudharshan Reddy, Ganta Suresh2* (Author)

1888 - 1894

Enhancing Image Recognition on MNIST Dataset Through VGG16 in CNN

V.K.R. Narasimha Reddy, Agatamudi Ram Prasad, Gaddam Pavan, Radhika Rani Chintala, Nallagatla Raghavendra Sai (Author)

1895 - 1907

Islanding Operation with Solar Hybrid System and Grid Tied PV System

Suvarna S. Bhise, Dr.Paratwar P. V., S.S.Bhosale, M.S.Tamboli, B.V.Anarase (Author)

1918 - 1922

Rapidly Growing Landscape of Educational Apps for Children with Disabilities: Addressing Availability, Accessibility, and Persistent Challenges

Vidyasagar Maurya, Manoj Kumar Gupta, Sudha Singh, Haripad Kumar Mahato, Shashikant, (Author)

1923 - 1933

Values and Wellbeing: A Hope for Harmonious Holistic Development

Geetha R. K. , N. Devaki ** (Author)

1934 - 1940

Analyzing Integrated Teng-Photovoltaic Cell-Based Hybrid Renewable Energy System for Increased Efficiency

V. Jeyalakshmi , Guru Prasad Murugan , S. Dhanalakshmi , Chitra Chinnasamy (Author)

1941 -,1948

Regional Economic Valuation of Reclamation Plan on the West Coast of Lae Lae Island, Makassar City

Irwan Anwar Said, Denny Nugroho Sugianto, Muhammad Zainuri, Nur Taufik Syamsudin, M. Rizki Latjindung, Ibrahim Yunus (Author)


Farmland Abandonment to a Comprhneive Efficient Results: New Opportunities to Inform the Policy and Law of Ethiopia

Firehiwot Gojjam Anley 1*, Mellese Damtie Dandi 2, Melkamu Belachew Moges1 (Author)

1960 - 1969

Security Layer Enhancement System in Passenger Vehicles Using Can Protocol

Ruban Thomas D.,Dinesh D., Parthiban S.,Praneeth Kumar S. P., Prabhu V. (Author)

1970 - 1976

Multicolored Approaches for Ordinary Differential Equation using Scilab

Revathi.R., Gayathri.S., Gayathri.R., B.Arun (Author)

1977 - 1985

Juridical Analysis of Legal Protection for Journalists in Indonesia

Hasudungan Sinaga , Josafat Pondang (Author)

1986 - 1992



1993 - 2004

Enhancing Software Deployment Efficiency: A Comparative Analysis of Agile Application Deployment Using CI/CD Pipelines

Srungarapu Rama Krishna, Juturi Srinivasa Rao, Yenumula Venkata Durga, Lekkala Prem Venkatesh, P.S.V.S. Sridhar (Author)

2050 - 2061

Secure Low Power FPGA Design for Detection of Camouflage Attacks in Soc Devices

Palanivel S., Deeban Chakravarthy R., Sai Sathish P., Vasanthan S., Prabhu V. (Author)

2062 - 2068

The Use of Durian Seed Waste and Reducing Wheat Flour in Biscuit-Making

Apul Sitohang, Sanggam Dera Rosa Tampubolon, Mateus Salembekeu, Aryanto Yosafat Sitohang (Author)

2069 - 2077

Enhancing Photovoltaic System Cleaning Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Haneen Abuzaid, Mahmoud Awad, Abdulrahim Shamayleh (Author)

2119 - 2124

The Effect of Quality Leadership on Microfinance Optimization

Uzoma Emmanuel Nwazuoke, Humphrey Akanazu (Author)

2125 - 2134

Digitalization of Operations Processes as a Fraud Control in Microfinance Institution

Uzoma Emmanuel Nwazuoke, Humphrey Akanazu (Author)

2135 - 2147

Enhanced 5G Networks Application for Accessing Ontology Based RPL Traffic Mutation Network Environment

Sharmila G., Ajay kumar , Keerthivasan B., Pradeep T. (Author)

2164 - 2172

Enhancing Problem-Solving Proficiency through Industrial-Based Learning for Technical Workforce Advancement

Chokchai Alongkrontuksin, Piya Korakotjintanakarn, Teerapun Saeheaw (Author)

2173 - 2190

Multi-Disease Prediction Method Based on Machine Learning and Computational Approaches

Tarun Kumar Agarwal, Baldev Singh , Nilam Chaudhary (Author)

2204 - 2222

Improving Wear Resistance: Investigating Factors Affecting PLA Gear Wear Produced by FDM 3D Printing.

Abderrahim Oudra*, Hamza Isksioui, Latifa Ezzine, Yassine El Khouddar, Haj El Moussami (Author)

2236 - 2246

Enhancing Bitcoin Price Predictions: A Q-Learning Approach to Mitigate Volatility and Uncertainty in Twitter Opinion-Based Forecasts

R. Deepthi Cestose Rebekah , Gali Kavitha, Boya Rajakumari, Lakaputi Ranjith, Kakanuru Vyshnavi Reddy (Author)

2258 - 2266

Effect of Heat Treatment on Surface Hardness of Dth Hammer - A Case Study

Peram Laxmireddy, Sandeep Kumar Poloju, N Venkateshwarlu (Author)

2267 - 2276

Effect of varying Stiffness on the Performance of Air Foil Journal Bearing

R.N Ravi Kumar,Aruna KumarS.,Madhu.S. (Author)

2277 - 2282

Energy and Mass Balance in Storing Seed Potato Tubers Using a Para-Para System

Ida Ayu Rina Pratiw Pudja, Bambang Admadi Harsojuwono, Yohanes Setiyo, Ida Bagus Putu Gunadnya (Author)

2283 - 2298

Piezoelectric Sensing for Seamless Motion in Mobile Robotics

M. Ravi,P. Saran, V. Vaidheeswaran, M. Veeraragavan (Author)

2299 - 2306

Recognizing Fabricated Statements by Prominent Figures

Sameena Yousuff, G Shaheen Firdous (Author)

2325 - 2333

Index Based Searchable Encryption on Cloud Data Using Asymmetric Encryption Algorithm

D.Manojkumar, P. Rajeswari, A. Jayalakshmi, R. Karthick (Author)

2334 - 2340

Categorization of Blockchain Technology Applications in Human Resource Management: An Interpretive Structural Modeling Approach

Fatemeh Gheitarani, Sahar Ravanbeh, Nastaran Abdoli, Farzad Yousefi, Razieh Goldarzehi (Author)

2341 - 2354

Integrated Smart Accident Management System for Urban Traffic Congestion Alleviation and Improved Road Safety

Anita Mohanty, Subrat Kumar Mohanty, Ambarish G. Mohapatra, Sasmita Nayak (Author)

2399 - 2412

Enhancing Defect Image Through Generative Adversarial Network

Sri Hari Gupta K., Jaspreet Kaur,Himanshu (Author)

2413 -2425

Cardiovascular Health Monitoring with IoMT, ML, and FBG Sensors in Operation

Maitri Mohanty, Premansu Sekhara Rath, Ambarish G. Mohapatra (Author)

2426 - 2440

Harnessing Machine Learning: Exploring Novel Techniques and Applications

Parul Chhabra, Vipin Babbar, Rohit Sharma (Author)

2441 - 2448

Detection and Prediction of Comorbities of Diabetes Using Machine Learning Techniques

Teja Sri Dharma Reddy Vanukuri, Sohail Shaik,Bala Akash Mutthavarapu, Sai Teja Naidu Vadranam, K. B. V. Brahma Rao, V. V. R. Maheswara Rao (Author)

2449 - 2458

Emotion Based Music Recommendation System

Arti Bang, Shantanu Udavant, Omkar Malpure, Anuj Nagwekar, Atharva Pande (Author)

2467 - 2473

Evolutionary Dynamic of Quarter Car model: Regular and Chaotic Evolution

Vijayveer, Anshu Malhotra, C. B. Gupta, L.M. Saha (Author)

2474 - 2481

Lora Based Land Slide Detection Warning System

S. Vimalraj, Ashwin R., Santoshkumar G., Sudhir B., Vishagan R. (Author)

2496 - 2506

“A Hybrid Model Integrating Feature Selection Methodologies”

Sanjeet Choudhary , Ritu Sindhu (Author)

2513 - 2533

A Study on Rice Leaf Disease Using Deep Learning Techniques

R. Dhivya, Dr. N. Shanmugapriya, B. Deepika (Author)

2534 - 2546

Thermal Behavior of a Thermosensitive FG Plate

V.B. Srinivas, Nitin J. Wange, G.D. Kedar (Author)

2547 - 2556

Study on Analysis of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls with Openings

Gurrala Laxmi Prasann, K. R. C. Reddy (Author)

2557 - 2572

Pore Diameter and Carbon Composition of Walnut Shells of Tidore Islands, North Maluku, Indonesia

I Dewe K. Anom, Marianus, J. Z. Lombok, Saprizal Hadisaputra, I Dewa Gede Katja, J. J. Mamangkey (Author)


An Artificial Intelligence Mechanism to Monitor and Manage Crowd

Ashish Gupta, Shruti Raj, Shivendra Kumar Upadhyay, Vikash Kandu, Shivani Singh (Author)

2617 - 2625

Performance Analysis of Heterojunction Double Gate – TFET for Low Power

Avinash Kaushal, Vidya Singh, Shubham Sharma, Yogesh Mishra, Ritik Kumar, (Author)

2626 - 2635

Secure Imaging in 6D Chaos: A DNA-Encoded Approach for Enhanced Privacy

Shantanu Ranjan, Romil Singh, Shivam Sharma, Deependra Sinha (Author)

2636 - 2650

Research of Services of Communication Operators for Creation of Corporate Data Transmission Networks

Ziraddin Qasimov, Elman Imamaliev,Nizami Cafarov ,Metanet  Huseynova,Nigar Jabrayilova (Author)

2651 - 2654

Adaptive Supply Chain Risk Management Using AI Mitigating Disruptions and Enhancing Resilience in the Post-Pandemic Era.

Muhammad Firdaus Bidin, María Teresa Espinosa-Jaramillo, Diana Carolina Castillo Martínez, Nik Alif Amri Nik Hashim, Sadhna Chauhan, Sayali Karmode. (Author)

2655 - 2664

Analyzing Potential Source Response of the Stochastic Differential Equation of RLC Circuit driven by Lyapunov Techniques

M. Maheswari, D. Piriadarshani, N. Geetha Lakshmi, N. Daniya Nishi (Author)

2665 - 2671

Influence of Venture Capital Firms on Startups

Harshit Goel, Nikhil Kaushik (Author)

2687 - 2699

Machine Learning-Driven Energy Harvesting and Storage System Design for IoT Applications in Smart Buildings.

Rahul Kumar, Saurabh Gaur, Avinash B. Raut, Eric Howard. (Author)

2700 - 2712

Investigation of Physical Properties of Nano Materials at High Pressure

Tajamul Islam, A.K Srivastava, Masood Ayoub Kaloo, Mudasir Ahmad Mir (Author)

2723 - 2733

Systematic Literature Review: Sustainable Framework of the Employee Green Behavior Research Agenda

Yanhong Xu, Nor Azma Rahlin, Sharifah Rahama Amirul (Author)

2755 - 2768

In-depth Review of Crucial Elements in an Elevated Metro Bridge

Kaushalendra Nath, Manas Rathore (Author)

2769 - 2775



2788 - 2793

Smart Circuit Design Machine Learning-Driven Optimization for Enhanced Performance in Electronics and Computer Engineering.

Purushottam Kumar Maurya, Pranjali Sah, Nidhi Chauhan, Eric Howard. (Author)

2794 - 2805

Health Screening Analysis Using Machine Learning

Raju Sharma, Parul Sharma, Shivangi Pandit, Punit Mittal (Author)

2822 - 2828

The Effect of Brand Experience, Perceived Value in the Light of Consumer Loyalty and Purchase Intention: Case Study of LG Technology

Payam boozary, Sogand Sheykhan, Iman Hosseini, Parsa Edalat Namin, Mobina Pourmirza (Author)

2864 - 2875

The Construction Industry Employs Corrosion Protection Mechanisms

Sedat Ukshin Ahmeti ,Burhan Reshat Rexhepi (Author)

2876 - 2885

Explainable AI for Cloud-Based Machine Learning Interpretable Models and Transparency in Decision Making.

Harshitha Raghavan Devarajan, Soibam Birajit Singh, Eric Howard. (Author)

2886 - 2894

Ontology of Algebra Knowledge of Test Questions: A Construction of Instructional Design

Mohamad Rif’at , Nurfadilah Siregar , Sudiansyah (Author)

2895 - 2906

Unravelling the Viral Dynamics: Exploring the Spread of Content in the Digital Landscape

Khursheed Alam, Anurag Singh,Deepa Goel,Sandhya Sharma,Girish Kumar Singh, Shailender Kumar (Author)

2966 - 2976

Study of Air Ordering Procedure for Information Broadcasting

Ashutosh Sharma, Nikita Joshi,Archana Gupta,Naveen Kumar,Anita Rani,Mridula Yadav (Author)

2977 - 2983

Design and Modal Analysis of Swastik-Shaped Flexible Piezoelectric Biomechanical Energy Harvester

Namrata Saxena, Mamta Devi Sharma, Ritu Sharma, C. Periasamy (Author)

2984 - 2990

Mass Irregularities in Conventional Slab Systems and Bubble Deck Slab Systems Comparison

Sita Ram Prasad, Sita Ram Prasad, K.L. Radhika (Author)

2991 - 3015

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