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  3. Space Exploration: Innovations in space propulsion, interplanetary travel, and propulsion challenges in long-duration missions.
  4. Green Propulsion: Sustainable and eco-friendly propulsion technologies, biofuels, and reducing environmental impact.
  5. Advanced Materials: Research on materials for propulsion systems, thermal management, and structural integrity.
  6. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): Modeling and simulation techniques to optimize propulsion performance.
  7. Propulsion Control Systems: Developments in autonomous and intelligent control of propulsion systems.

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Vol. 45 No. 03 (2024)

Published: 2024-07-04

The Policies of Political Parties Effecting to General Election Right of People in Songkhla Province

Phrakruwateethammawipat (Suchat Burintaraphithak), Kantaphon Nuthongkaew, Phrakrupaladathit Suvaddho (Sookpanich) (Author)

1 - 6

An Extensive Exploration of Big Data Analytics and Related Technologies

Mohammad Asif A Raibag, Veeresh, Irshad Ahmad Gorikhan, Rashel Sarkar, Savitha Kulematagi (Author)

513 - 529

“A Review on the Thermal Energy Storage Unit for Solar Energy Application”

C. Senthil kumar, Manjunath A. C., Shiva Pratap Yadav, Devaraj E. (Author)

530 - 543

Cyclic Codes Over a Nonchain Ring

Shakila Banu. P., Suganthi .T. (Author)

544 - 552

Navigating Knowledge Management Implementation Success in Government Organizations: A type-2 Fuzzy Approach

Saman Foroutani, Nasim Fahimian, Reyhaneh Jalalinejad, Morteza Hezarkhani, Samaneh Mahmoudi, Behrooz Gharleghi (Author)

53 - 73

Aahar - A Key Factor in Health

Anjali Patel , Vijay Bhagat (Author)

86 - 91

Geodetic Decomposition of Zero Divisor Graph

A. Kuppan,*, J . Ravi Sankar, P. Selvaraju, A. Jeeva, K. Kalpana, Sivan (Author)

101 - 110

Post Service Behaviour of Customers of Kerala Gramin Bank

Anoop K. G, Biju John M, (Author)

111 - 118

Reef Vista: Deep Learning-Powered Underwater Coral Reef Monitoring

Soma Prathibha,Vivekanandan G, Rupali S Kamathe, Hanchate Vandana Vijaykumar, G. Bhuvaneswari,G. Manikandan, G. Sabarinathan, Mustafa Nawaz S M (Author)

119 - 135

An Effective and Safe Method for Digital Image Watermarking That Uses RDWT Algorithms with SVD and Firefly

J .Brahmaiah Naik, Y.Jaipal Reddy, K.Krishnam Raju, Chaitanya Kumar Marpu (Author)

136 - 142

Vataja Grahani with Ayurvedic Treament - A Case Report

Vataja Grahani, Ulcerative Colitis, Grahani Roga, IBS (Author)

151 - 160

The Influence of Injection Pressure on Performance and Emission Characteristics of Waste Oil Methyl Ester Fueled Diesel Engine

Shekasa L Nadaf, Fharukh Ahmed G M, Zaheerabbas B Kandagal, Gurushant B Vaggar, Vishalgouda Patil, Lakshmikant A Shivanayak (Author)

161 - 168

Role of Damping in Computational Modeling of Vibrations of Annular Plates

Robin Singh, Sandeep Kumar, Sarvendra Kumar, Ranjeet Singh, Richa Agarwal, Arun Kumar (Author)

169 - 179

Sustainable Healthcare: Unveiling the Green Innovation Landscape in Nursing and Health Sciences

Syaifurrahman Hidayat, Mujib Hannan, Nailiy Huzaimah, Emdat Suprayitno, Elyk Dwi Mumpuningtias, Ratna Indriyani, Sri Yunita Suraida Salat (Author)

180 - 190

An Improved Hybrid Intrusion Detection Approach

Ankesh Gupta, Baldev Singh, Nilam Chaudhary (Author)

208 - 221

Optimizing Job Scheduling for Improved Efficiency in Fog Computing

Nayan Chakrabarty, Arun Singh, Md Foysal Majumdar (Author)

222 - 232

Machine Learning Methods for Forecasting News Trends

Rajesh Saturi, Panuganti Hanumantha Rao, Bandamedi Naveen, Bairagoni Sanjana, Ayiti Dhanunjay (Author)

242 - 249

Optimizing DevOps Practices with Advanced Modeling Techniques

K.Nithyanandha Reddy , P.Lakshmi Narayana Reddy, S.Giridhar Narasimha ,B.Gangi Reddy, K. V. V. Satyanarayana (Author)

283 - 288

Globalization and Educational Development of Nigerian Youths: Towards an Epistemology of Social Change

Ikechukwu Anthony Kanu, Bakwaph Peter Kanyip, Pilani Michael Paul, Philip Chika Omenukwa, Peter H. Kamai, 6Olumide Agbede, (Author)

289 - 300

Disasters and Child Education in Eastern Africa: Towards an Epistemology of Disasters

Ikechukwu Anthony Kanu, Bakwaph Peter Kanyip, Pilani Michael Paul, Peter H. Kamai, Philip Chika Omenukwa, Koros Peter, Omoya James Aleyo (Author)

301 - 311

Recognising Speech Based Emotion Using CNN in Deep Learning

PVSSrinivas , Arepalli Akshaya, Bekkam Praneetha Singh ,Dhandu Mounika (Author)

312 - 320

Solution of Delay Ordinary Differential Equations by Using Emad-Sara Transform

Mahmood Shareef Ajeel , Emad Abbas Kuffi , Khalied Farhan Fazea (Author)

327 - 331

Assessment of the Climate Change Impact to the Intensity and Frequency of Droughts in the Southern Pre-Balkash Region

Alimkulov Sayat, Makhmudova Lyazzat, Talipova Elmira, Baspakova Gaukhar, Monkayeva Gulsara (Author)

352 - 362

Failing of the United Nations in Yemeni Conflict

Mohammed Ahmed Al Mhiqani, M. Cuneyt Yenigun (Author)

363 - 374

Crafting Agricultural Charm Through Design Power

Fei-Fei Cheng, Chin-Shan Wu, Guei-Lan Chen (Author)

375 - 382

Influence of Varied Percent Filler on Surface Roughness, Built Up Edge and Built Up Layer Formation

Poornachandra, R. Suresh, Ravikumar V., R. Kiran, Prakash Rao C. R. (Author)

430 - 442

Indian Music Generation and Analysis using LSTM

Jyoti Lele, Aditya Abhyankar (Author)

473 - 478

A Blockchain-Based Architecture and Framework for Cybersecure Smart Cities

Devarapalli Sreenivasa Reddy, K. V.SrinivasaRao (Author)

505 - 512

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