Role of Emotional Intelligence in Sales Success

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S. Chitra Devi, C. Madhavi, Chippy Mohan, Bhavik U. Swadia, Maulik Chandnani


Emotional intelligence is the capacity to comprehend, manage, and use emotions to succeed in sales. Emotional intelligence (EI) includes self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and social skills. These emotional qualities help salespeople develop customer relationships, communicate well, and adjust to changing situations. Sales success depends greatly on interpersonal abilities, not just product knowledge or technical skills. Salespeople with high emotional intelligence can better connect with clients, negotiate, and withstand rejection and disappointments. They can read and respond to others' emotions, improving communication and allowing them to customise client service.  This study analyses whether emotional intelligence (EI) is crucial to sales success. The sales process is examined in relation to emotional intelligence, the ability to sense, comprehend, manage, and use emotions. EI helps salespeople create customer relationships, communicate well, adapt, and be resilient, according to study. The study also examines how EI affects negotiating, dispute resolution, and customer experience. The study analyses empirical data and literature to identify emotional abilities that significantly impact sales performance. The findings affect sales training, recruitment, and methods to maximise individual and team success in the dynamic and competitive sales environment.

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